Things to See and Do in Aruba

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Located to the north of Venezuela, Aruba is a Caribbean Island and popular honeymoon resort. The island is relatively dry throughout the year and sees little rain but the scenic landscape and the sandy beaches make up for the warm climate.

Tourists all across the world visit this island to relax and kick back. But there’s a catch – it’s expensive. Accommodation, transport and food all require a good amount of cash which is why the island sees mostly tourists that are on their honeymoon or old couples that have retired.   It is expensive and having cash is important, but to just be cautious where you flash it around.

Things to See in Aruba

The island has a number of tourist destinations and spots to see. Aruba has a rich history and there are four popular museums – the Historical Museum, the Archeological Museum, the Numismatic Museum and the Aruba Model Train Museum.

Perhaps the most visited spot of Aruba is the Natural Pool (Conchi) which is a small pool of water located on the northern side of the island.

The California lighthouse, Aruba Aloe Factory, Our Lady of Alto Visto Chapel, the Donkey Sanctuary and the Ostrich farm are other tourist favorites.

Things to Do in Aruba

Aruba is home to not only scenic beauty and sightseeing destinations; it also offers a list of activities that tourists can do.

Snorkeling is by far the most popular activity on the Caribbean island. Kayaking is another must-do activity on Aruba. Some hotels offer their guests free kayaking and snorkeling equipment; the snorkeling cruise itself can cost around 90-100 USD or 160-180 AWG.

Most of the activities in Aruba are related to the beaches and the sea. These include Scuba diving, sea trekking, sailing and fishing. Golf is also loved by natives and tourists. Although the sport is expensive, it is definitely worth golfing at the Aruba Golf Club.  Tommy, who lives Upstate New York, owns an Albany roofing company, and says the golfing at the Club is second to none!!!  Definitely a place worthy of driving some balls down the fairway!!!

While public transport can bring the overall travel expenses down, the Aruban Jeep Safari and 4-wheeling tours are a must do activity on the island. Other things to do in Aruba include rock climbing, horseback riding and hiking.  

The Caribbean island is known for its exquisite range of fish so if you’re planning to visit the island anytime soon, don’t forget to try out their local seafood!


Auckland – The Queen City of New Zealand

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Auckland is a popular city in New Island that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is the most populous city that flaunts a multicultural environment.  Located in North Island, the city is surrounded by waterways and beaches. It is one of the few places where you can find a close blend of urban life and nature. Even though I had enjoyed visiting several places in Auckland, listed below are the most memorable ones:

Sky Tower

Visiting the Sky Tower was the most amazing part of my Auckland holiday. Looking down from the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere was a larger-than-life experience. The tower is around 328 meters tall and the main observatory deck is located on level 51. The ticket cost me around $32 but the experience was worth every penny. After enjoying the stunning views I also had dinner at the famous revolving restaurant located in the same tower.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum is one of the oldest establishments and it was inaugurated in the year 1929. However, as per records, the exhibitions and shows were held in a small cottage as early as 1852. Visiting the place was an exciting journey into the early history of the Auckland region. The museum has a special War History collection comprising medals, firearms, and swords that were used during the 1st and the 2nd World Wars. It also has a natural sciences wing that exhibits over 1.5 million specimens. The tickets were charged at 25 NZD.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Located at Hill Road in Manurewa, is the famed botanical garden of Auckland. The place is quite huge and occupies around 64 hectares of land area. It is perhaps one of the best tourist spots in the city and I had a great time touring the entire collection of gardens. It has a reflective Rose Garden that features heritage roses, floribunda, and climbing roses. Other popular sites in this place are The Potter Children’s Garden, Edible and Herb Garden, Perennial Garden, Rock Garden, and Camellia Garden.

Alexandria – The Celebrating City

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Alexandria was found back in BC times and is one of the most beautiful cities around Egypt. The city holds a lot of cultural arts in itself and is known to have the largest collection of books and libraries. The city houses over a hundred lighthouses giving the whole city a very incredible look around. In accordance with its name the city was very pointedly was founded by the great Alexander. However over time, the originality in the city is lost somewhere, but still, the citizens here are very culturally active and still celebrate many ancient festivals even though the essence is depleting. You must visit these places to explore.

National Museum

National Museum represents the history of this city, about Alexander the great. You have to go to this museum, it is not going to be a boring ride but yes you will immensely love it when you find out about the history through such quirky and fun arts and artifacts. The museum at first is filled with some very modern art paintings that depict the medieval times of Alexander and his battles. Through those paintings, you will get the message of the power of Alexander. Then you will find certain artifacts that were used in their battles. There are several other artifacts that are really impressive.

Montazah Gardens

Montazah gardens are so beautiful, you will feel beautiful inside. The garden is spread across over 300 acres of land and is covered in flowers. Not even one small corner of the garden is left empty, there are flowers everywhere. The gardens have two parts where one side showcases the flowers and other where even the flowers are showcased you can sit and have a picnic with your family. These two parts are joined by the rocky bridge that stands over a small artificial river. There are several fountains too. The entrance to the park is free of cost.

Muenster: What To Do And Where To Go?

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Muenster has both historical and modern appeal. The beautiful architectural buildings along the street got me spellbound. Here, I found historical character meeting the charm of contemporary. Go through the diverse range of attractions that this city has to offer. When you visit Muenster, here are a few things that you need to check out.

Go sailing on Lake Aasee

Visit early morning to see the sun rays on the water of Lake Aasee. The sparkling water is a treat for the eyes. At the banks of the lake, you will be able to feed the swans and the ducks. If you love cycling, rent a bike and cycle around the lake. It is a recreational spot where you can spend some time amongst nature. Also, if you want, you can rent small sailboats or paddle boats for sailing across the lake. In case you are visiting with family, you can have a picnic.

Take a walk at LWL

Visit the Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History to check out the art collection which is more than 1000 years old. There are photographs, sculptures, prints, paintings, and drawings across 56 spaces for exhibits

Drop in at Kruse-Baimken

The name means the center of social life. The place is known to be pretty serious about German hospitality. It is a guest house that has a cozy and rustic feel it to it. I loved the food that they served. Moreover, the view from here was amazing. There is a beer garden where you on taste some local ales.

Check out the works of Pablo Picasso

The works of this Spanish artist is celebrated in the Pablo Picasso Museum. This is something I wasn’t ready to miss out on. There are over 780 lithographs in here. I came to know that this is only Picasso museum in Germany. Apart from the test prints and the state prints of the artist, you will also be able to marvel at the works of his friends and contemporaries.

Lecce: You Need To Visit This Florence Like City

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Lecce, situated in the southern region of Italy, is also known as the “The Florence of the South” because of its rich Baroque architectural monuments. This city is home to some of the world’s unique and beautiful monuments.

Where to eat

  • Tabisca
  • Crianza
  • Radici
  • La Cucina di Mamma Elvira (famous for dinner dishes and drinks)
  • Checco Pizza

The rates of these restaurants are average but the quality of food is great. If you want to try out authentic Italian cuisine then go to these restaurants.

Beer and drinks

  • Birrificio B94
  • Marziliano Srl


Accommodation can be pretty expensive in this place as all the hotels here are really luxurious and huge. Some do offer free breakfast and Wi-Fi. So check properly before deciding on any.

What all you need to visit?

If you are in Lecce and haven’t been to these places then you haven’t visited it at all:

  • The Croce Santa is a church with beautiful construction. Even if you aren’t Catholic, you need to see the place.
  • The city of Lecce is famous for its squares and town centers and they are extremely lively at all times.
  • The castle which once belonged to the king Charles V is one of the main landmarks in the city and it has been present in the city since four and five centuries.
  • Villa Comunale di Lecce is probably the most beautiful garden Lecce.
  • Otranto’s scenic beauty can’t be described through words. It’s breathtaking.

These are some of the places you need to visit if you are in Lecce or anywhere near it. Hope you enjoy it as much as us. Make sure that you visit this place for at least a week.

Your Dream Destination Is In Siem Reap

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Siem Reap to Angkor WatSiem Reap is a city in Cambodia most famous for its archeological sites and its rich historical disposition.

I visited the city in the month of November and witnessed the spectacular Bon Om Touk Water festival with activities like the long boat race. This festival also has music and dancing along with water activities.

Places to visit

I visited the many ancient ruins of Angkor and it is a relishing sight to see the architectural wonders of the 5th and 13th century. The Angkor Wat is a massive temple with ornate designs and holds a pleasant aura about itself.

  • The Angkor Thom, however, is the ancient ruins of an Angkor city and its temples. This place brought to me a realizing point as to how ahead in time we are today and yet, in the calmness of its architecture; I also realized that we have left the old and beautiful ways behind unfortunately.
  • The Ta Prohm is a temple covered in trees and its hanging branches. It is a sight to see and one that made me fall in love with nature all over again. The way the trees cover the temples and stay true to their roots after so many years is something to learn from.
  • The Bayon is an ancient temple with smiling faces. I found it to be one of the happiest places in Angkor. Similarly, the Banteay Srei is also an ancient temple and is a beautiful archeological site with wonders on every corner.
  • In all, Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor is a must visit if you are an archeological buff, or are interested in history and its many wonders. The intricacy of the places in the city will leave you astounded and also at the same time will make you want to explore more.

It is a personal recommendation to visit Siem Reap during your holidays as the charm of the place is bound to get you forever.