Things to See and Do in Aruba

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Located to the north of Venezuela, Aruba is a Caribbean Island and popular honeymoon resort. The island is relatively dry throughout the year and sees little rain but the scenic landscape and the sandy beaches make up for the warm climate.

Tourists all across the world visit this island to relax and kick back. But there’s a catch – it’s expensive. Accommodation, transport and food all require a good amount of cash which is why the island sees mostly tourists that are on their honeymoon or old couples that have retired.   It is expensive and having cash is important, but to just be cautious where you flash it around.

Things to See in Aruba

The island has a number of tourist destinations and spots to see. Aruba has a rich history and there are four popular museums – the Historical Museum, the Archeological Museum, the Numismatic Museum and the Aruba Model Train Museum.

Perhaps the most visited spot of Aruba is the Natural Pool (Conchi) which is a small pool of water located on the northern side of the island.

The California lighthouse, Aruba Aloe Factory, Our Lady of Alto Visto Chapel, the Donkey Sanctuary and the Ostrich farm are other tourist favorites.

Things to Do in Aruba

Aruba is home to not only scenic beauty and sightseeing destinations; it also offers a list of activities that tourists can do.

Snorkeling is by far the most popular activity on the Caribbean island. Kayaking is another must-do activity on Aruba. Some hotels offer their guests free kayaking and snorkeling equipment; the snorkeling cruise itself can cost around 90-100 USD or 160-180 AWG.

Most of the activities in Aruba are related to the beaches and the sea. These include Scuba diving, sea trekking, sailing and fishing. Golf is also loved by natives and tourists. Although the sport is expensive, it is definitely worth golfing at the Aruba Golf Club.  Tommy, who lives Upstate New York, owns an Albany roofing company, and says the golfing at the Club is second to none!!!  Definitely a place worthy of driving some balls down the fairway!!!

While public transport can bring the overall travel expenses down, the Aruban Jeep Safari and 4-wheeling tours are a must do activity on the island. Other things to do in Aruba include rock climbing, horseback riding and hiking.

The Caribbean island is known for its exquisite range of fish so if you’re planning to visit the island anytime soon, don’t forget to try out their local seafood!


Lecce: You Need To Visit This Florence Like City

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Lecce, situated in the southern region of Italy, is also known as the “The Florence of the South” because of its rich Baroque architectural monuments. This city is home to some of the world’s unique and beautiful monuments.

Where to eat

  • Tabisca
  • Crianza
  • Radici
  • La Cucina di Mamma Elvira (famous for dinner dishes and drinks)
  • Checco Pizza

The rates of these restaurants are average but the quality of food is great. If you want to try out authentic Italian cuisine then go to these restaurants.

Beer and drinks

  • Birrificio B94
  • Marziliano Srl


Accommodation can be pretty expensive in this place as all the hotels here are really luxurious and huge. Some do offer free breakfast and Wi-Fi. So check properly before deciding on any.

What all you need to visit?

If you are in Lecce and haven’t been to these places then you haven’t visited it at all:

  • The Croce Santa is a church with beautiful construction. Even if you aren’t Catholic, you need to see the place.
  • The city of Lecce is famous for its squares and town centers and they are extremely lively at all times.
  • The castle which once belonged to the king Charles V is one of the main landmarks in the city and it has been present in the city since four and five centuries.
  • Villa Comunale di Lecce is probably the most beautiful garden Lecce.
  • Otranto’s scenic beauty can’t be described through words. It’s breathtaking.

These are some of the places you need to visit if you are in Lecce or anywhere near it. Hope you enjoy it as much as us. Make sure that you visit this place for at least a week.

Your Dream Destination Is In Siem Reap

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Siem Reap to Angkor WatSiem Reap is a city in Cambodia most famous for its archeological sites and its rich historical disposition.

I visited the city in the month of November and witnessed the spectacular Bon Om Touk Water festival with activities like the long boat race. This festival also has music and dancing along with water activities.

Places to visit

I visited the many ancient ruins of Angkor and it is a relishing sight to see the architectural wonders of the 5th and 13th century. The Angkor Wat is a massive temple with ornate designs and holds a pleasant aura about itself.

  • The Angkor Thom, however, is the ancient ruins of an Angkor city and its temples. This place brought to me a realizing point as to how ahead in time we are today and yet, in the calmness of its architecture; I also realized that we have left the old and beautiful ways behind unfortunately.
  • The Ta Prohm is a temple covered in trees and its hanging branches. It is a sight to see and one that made me fall in love with nature all over again. The way the trees cover the temples and stay true to their roots after so many years is something to learn from.
  • The Bayon is an ancient temple with smiling faces. I found it to be one of the happiest places in Angkor. Similarly, the Banteay Srei is also an ancient temple and is a beautiful archeological site with wonders on every corner.
  • In all, Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor is a must visit if you are an archeological buff, or are interested in history and its many wonders. The intricacy of the places in the city will leave you astounded and also at the same time will make you want to explore more.

It is a personal recommendation to visit Siem Reap during your holidays as the charm of the place is bound to get you forever.

Visit Caguas In Puerto Rico To Enjoy The Creole Tradition

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Caguas in Puerto Rico is a place that you will love to visit even though it is not as well known a travel destination as San Juan. However, this city has its roots in Creole tradition that makes it unique and interesting to discover.

What would you enjoy when you come from Caguas? You will find wonderful cocktails awaiting you at The Sangria Factory. There are handmade cigars to indulge in at the Museum of Tobacco as well as enjoy the Al Fresco Music Culinary Show.

If we look at the history of the city, Caguas was founded in the year 1775. It is a municipality and a city in Puerto Rico; it is located in the central mountain range in the state, in between the Trujillo Alto and San Juan. It is considered the principal city of San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo metropolitan statistical area.

When you are here you can take a ferry ride to the east side of Vieques Island. It has a block sand beach, known for magnetic properties. You can then visit the Plaza del Mercado. Enjoy the live music here. There is also a popular event held here from May 24th to 27th, known as Festival De Café y Chocolate. Here Puerto Rican chocolate and coffee exhibits take main stage.

Getting here is not difficult as there are cheap and round flights to and from Miami, New York, Chicago, New Orleans and Washington DC.

You can visit the Jardin Botanico y Cultural de Caguas William Miranda Marin which is a botanical garden that has a historic sugar mill for which guided tours are also offered.

The Altitude Trampoline Park is a sprawling park here that has high energy trampoline games, free jumps and dodge ball activities. 

C3Tec is a theatre here where local performances are held. You can also visit the Loiza Lake which is a reservoir for fishing. This lake, located by the Carraizo dam, is a popular place for different recreational and camping activities.

All this and more awaits you when you come to Caguas. The region has much to offer for you to savor the local tradition which includes trying eateries that are serve native Creole cuisine.

Witness The Historical Imporantance Of Athens Along With Its Scenic Beauty

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Athens, it is the capital of Greece and known as the heart of Ancient Greece. Greece, which is known for its powerful empire and civilization. Once can still see the power of the ancient empire and civilization of the city, as it is still dominated by the architectures made in 5th-century BC. The landmark of Greece includes the Acropolis, which is a hilltop citadel top with old age buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The National Archaeological Museum, The Acropolis Museum, etc.

Have a look over the top spots of Athens

  • The Acropolis of Athens

It is the ancient citadel placed over the rocky projection above the city of Athens and it has the remains of many ancient buildings that are known for its great architect. The place has a huge historic significance and out of all the most famous here is the Parthenon. It is the former temple, on the Athenian Acropolis.


  • The Acropolis Museum


The museum is an archaeological museum, which focuses on the findings Acropolis of Athens of the archaeological site. The museum has every that was found on the rock as well as on the surrounding slopes. It preserves the traces from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece.

  • The Odeon of Herodes Atticus

It is the stone theatre, which is located on the Acropolis of Athens southwest slope. This building belongs to 161 AD and has been renovated in 1950. It was built by Athenian magnate Herodes Atticus in 161 AD in the memory of his wife, Aspasia Annia Regilla. The theater is originally a steep-sloped theater and has a three-stories. The front wall and the wooden roof of theater is made of expensive cedar of Lebanon timber. The theater was used by emperors for music concerts.

  • Kerameikos

This is also known as Ceramicus. It is also an area of Athens, which is located in the northwest of the Acropolis.

The city Athens has huge historical importance and one can witness it here as why. In addition to historical sites, the city also has some stunning sight scenic beauty as well, which is pleasing and relaxing.

5 Best Sights And Sounds That Kyoto Offers

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Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist cities in Japan and is visited by many people from all over the world every year. It has everything on offer for the tourists. You can walk through the busy Nishiki market or visit the Shinto shrine or explore the century-old rock garden on offer in this city.

Kiyomizu Temple

This temple is a popular one in the Kyoto city and is located on the Otowa Mountain. This is a beautiful temple that offers the best view to the visitors from the main veranda of the temple. It is located about 40 feet above the ground and hence you get to see the wonderful forest to the top.  

Fushimi Inari Shrine

The Fushimi Shinto shrine is the most popular among the various Shinto shrines in Kyoto. This is a 1300-year-old temple that is dedicated to Inari. The main attraction of the temple is the 10,000 odd red and orange colored gates that are spread over the 2.5-mile long path to the temple. Trekking this path might take up to three hours.  

Nishiki Market

If you love shopping and want to know more about Japan, then step out to shop at the Nishiki market. This is a bustling market that houses about 126 stalls and is spread over 5 blocks. You will find a lot of local food eateries as well as plenty of local stuff to shop from this market.

Philosopher’s Walk

The popular Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro used to walk in this path to go to the Kyoto University. This is why this path is named after this legend. It is a scenic walk area that has cherry trees on both sides of the path.


It is also known as the Golden Pavilion and has two floors that are wrapped in gold. It overlooks the Mirror Lake in Kyoto. It was used by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu in the late 14th and the early 15th century. It was converted to a Buddhist temple after the death of Shogun’s son Ashikaga Yoshimochi. It is a wonderfully calm and serene temple that will surely attract all visitors.